Quality Control

Safe and Reliable In-Home Care

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Ensuring Your Safety

At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we understand the significance of finding a caregiver you can trust, which is why we interview and evaluate each caregiver that we hire. Our caregivers are assessed on many levels, including:

• Competency and compassion

Clearance of an ongoing criminal background check

• Size and physical ability for lifting and moving clients

• Knowledge of HIPAA privacy regulations

Maintaining excellent quality among our in-home caregivers is the utmost priority for us. We seek out the most passionate and reliable caregivers and match them appropriately with clients to ensure that they can safely carry out the tasks requested.

Reliable In-Home Care: Female caregiver stepping out of car to visit an elderly woman at her home

Reliable In-Home Care Staffing

Sunny Days In-Home Care also places a high priority on covering every care shift to which we commit. If an illness or emergency keeps your caregiver from filling his or her scheduled shift, we will find an appropriate, alternate caregiver or have one of our Field Managers cover the shift. This commitment helps to safeguard the well-being of our patients, ensuring they receive the quality care that they deserve and expect.

Care Check-Ins

As you receive in-home care over time, your needs are likely to change. A Sunny Days In-Home Care Field Manager visits each of our clients to check in and assess the client’s general health and comfort. If we notice more care is needed — from our agency or others — we will make recommendations to the client and their loved ones for how to follow up. These visits are also an opportunity for the client to voice any concerns or special requests regarding their in-home care.

This approach allows us to provide the most effective and relevant care for our clients. We also believe that this monitoring helps to reduce hospital readmissions by allowing caregivers and clients to address potential issues before they become too serious. It’s just another way that Sunny Days In-Home Care respects and protects each of our clients. If the client has a complaint, the Field Manager reports the issue to our Agency Director, and a representative will promptly follow up with the client.

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